Tucana Sickle


For cutting herbs, vegetables, undergrowth …

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Tucana is a herb sickle, used for clearing away undergrowth, gathering herbs, harvesting vegetables and salad leaves, or even for cutting mistletoe. The sharp bronze blade is spliced into the oiled ash handle.

Its hand-shaped blade has ben sharpened on both the concave inner and straight outer edges, to allow cutting with both inward and outward strokes. The outer blade is also used for cutting clean scions and notches when grafting.

It is not suitable for cutting older wood. As the blade is cut by hand, each sickle will be slightly different from the next. You may be able to see the lines from the grindstone, from when the blade was sharpened.

Please be aware that sharpening the curved blade of this tool is a skilled job.

If you use a metal file or carborundum to sharpen it, please make sure to work much more slowly than if you were sharpening a steel blade. However, this is also a skilled job, which may require the services of a professional knife sharpener.

Length: 11ins, 28cm

Weight: 8oz, 220g

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 6 × 3 cm