Hand-made artisan bronze garden tools

Our tools are hand-made in the EU by artisan coppersmiths for PKS Bronze. The tool heads are made of solid bronze and the handles are from responsibly-sourced European hardwoods – ash, beech and lime.

Join the copper tool revolution, one tool at a time

Our tools are made in the EU by artisan coppersmiths for PKS Bronze. The tool heads are made of solid bronze and the handles are crafted from responsibly sourced European hardwoods – ash, beech and lime. The larger tools have bare wood shafts, while the handles of the small tools have been oiled.
Coopersmith hand making cooper garden tools
Libra spade
The tool heads are made of solid bronze, copper with a little bit of tin. Other parts are pure copper, brass and other copper alloys. The tools are hard wearing and will last for years. Their sharp edges mean they slice into the soil, with minimal effort and disruption. The tools do not rust, and copper is known to be a deterrent for slugs and snails.

Although they may look like works of art, these are hardworking tools, designed for strength not looks. As such, the brazing is less smooth than for a sculpture and there may be marks on the blade, but this will not detract from the working of the tool.

Our service

You can place an order via our secure online shop or buy from one of our stockists.

We aim to send out all orders within a week of receiving them, usually sooner. If there is a delay, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Our guarantee

These are long-lasting tools, which should outlast most of us. However, if for any reason you are unhappy with your tool, we offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our tools.

We will refund or replace an unused tool. We will also repair a faulty tool (and will refund the UK return postage if it is less than a year old) or replace it if it is beyond repair. Of course, this excludes normal wear and tear.

The wooden handles and shafts are guaranteed for two years and we supply replacement handles and shafts should you need them. For users outside the UK, we will also honour this guarantee but we request postage costs.

Our policy

We aim to run our business along ethical guidelines causing as little disturbance to the planet as possible.

With this in mind…
The tools are not throwaway products. In fact, they should last a lifetime.

Our packaging is compostable. We use cardboard, brown paper, paper tape.

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Waltham Place Farm and Gardens

Waltham Place is an organic and biodynamic farm, set in 220 acres in Berkshire. Our philosophy at Waltham Place is based on a belief that the farm and surrounding gardens, woodlands, lake and fields should be managed in a holistic and sustainable way. Biodiversity starts at a soil level. With this in mind, we integrate careful livestock management, crop rotation, composting, mulching and the use of biodynamic preparations, aspiring to create a living soil with lasting fertility. In alignment with the ethos of Waltham Place, we have been using copper tools in the gardens for many years and we have experienced their unique benefits first-hand. The tools are available online, from our farm shop, or from our stockists.

For more information on Waltham Place, please visit our website.

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