Minkar Watering Can


For indoor or outdoor use

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With a 3-litre capacity, Minkar is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has half the capacity of the Dorado.

Hand-made in the EU of pure copper, a material that has an affinity with water and helps to keep it sweet. The curved handle is reinforced at the top with a copper insert for a more comfortable grip. The spout is bevelled on the inside, so that the water swirls as it flows. This enlivens the water, as it simulates the naturally-occurring spiralling flow that you can see in the movement of water in a stream or a river.

Length from handle to spout: 17in, 43cm

Height including handles: 11in, 28cm

Maximum width: 5 1/2 ins, 14cm

Weight when empty: 1kg

NOTE: please store the watering can empty and preferably upside-down in freezing weather. If the water turns to ice inside the can, the brazing may break and the can will no longer be sealed once the ice melts.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 15 cm