Dorado Watering Can


6-litre capacity large can

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Dorado is a 6-litre watering can, made of pure copper. The curved handle is reinforced with an extra piece for a more comfortable grip.

There is a long tradition of improving the quality of water by bringing it into contact with copper. We have been told that in India, drinking water is stored in copper vessels. And for the same reason, we put odd bits of copper pipe in our water butt, to help keep the water sweet.

Which means that, as well as looking wonderful, this copper watering can will benefit your plants when you water them. The inside of the spout is bevelled, to allow a swirling action of the water as it is poured. This has been shown to further enliven the water.

NOTE: please store the watering can empty and preferable upside-down in freezing weather. If the water turns to ice inside the can, the brazing may break and the can will no longer be sealed once the ice melts.



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Dimensions 66 × 38 × 26 cm