Pegasus Pick


A hoe, clodbuster and puller-out of bramble and nettle roots

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Not actually a pick - it just looks like one. Pegasus is more like a hand-plough, a labour-saving alternative to the conventional garden fork. With a fork, the gardener digs down, pushes and lifts the soil. With Pegasus, gravity works with the gardener. We let the head of Pegasus fall and it digs into the soil. Then a pulling motion draws the head through the soil, breaking up the clods and loosening the weed roots. As it is quite lightweight, it can also be used for hoeing drills and for close weeding.

The limewood shaft has the same shape as that of the Sirius Hoe. The blade is of heavy-duty bronze, spliced into the shaft and reinforced with a brass collar.

Length; 4ft 7ins, 140cm

Head 23cm wide

Weight: 1.05kg, 2lb 5oz.

Here is a short video of Pegasus in use.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 132 × 23 × 3 cm