Christmas gift idea

As recommended in the latest issue of Observer Food Monthly: The Antares border fork, and Auva spade,

From the archives

  This article helped to bring Implementations and PKS Bronze Tools to the attention of a wider audience. We remain grateful to Gardens Illustrated it for publishing it.

Where do the tool handles come from?

    Here are some of the Maia Dibbers. The one nearest the front is made of apple wood. A neighbour of PKS in Austria contacted them to ask if they wanted the wood from an apple tree they were about to cut down. Other handles are oak, ash and beech, all...

Three levels of business

  Can businesses be categorised as sun, moon or planet level? Let me explain.   A moon-level business has a very specific and singular aim: to grow. Of the heavenly bodies we see in the night sky, our moon has the smallest orbit. It circles around our planet in...

Praise for the Sirius Hoe

An ambivalent title leading to warm praise for the Sirius Hoe  On page 30 of the January 2016 issue of Allotment & Leisure Gardener magazine